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New perspectives in the measurement of the toe & finger systolic pressure

Up until now, the devices available on the market (standard photo plethysmography, laser Doppler, mercury strain gauge, ultrasound Doppler) have not favoured the widespread use of this measurement because they are either unreliable or too expensive.

The SysToe, by virtue of its reliability, ease of use and affordable price, enables toe pressure measurement to be conveniently and readily performed by all health professionals.

The SysToe is a fully automatic device

The Systoe is user independent.

The SysToe is very easy to use.

Once the cuff and the sensor are placed on the toe, the operator has just to press on START key to start the measurement and get the display of the systolic pressure value.

The measurement is fast

The value of the toe or finger pressure is displayed within three minutes.

The measurement is reliable, accurate and reproducible

The SysToe has been validated at the Vascular Testing Department of Nîmes University Hospital.

The SysToe is capable of measuring pressures of less than 20 mmHg.

Operating method

The SysToe represents an ingenious application of infrared photoplethysmography (PPG) coupled to a unique algorithm, developed and patented by Atys Medical. By means of a photoelectric cell, PPG detects changes in the blood flow in the vessels in the skin.

The occlusion cuff is wrapped on the proximal phalanx of the toe or finger. The sensor is placed on the distal pad.

The occlusion cuff is inflated automatically to a pressure sufficient to stop blood flow, then deflated slowly at a controlled rate.

During deflation, resumption of blood flow downstream from the cuff is detected by the PPG sensor. The cuff pressure at this time is the systolic pressure.